Jini Suraya

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year!
2K11. It has been 10 years since the first year of 2K and where am I now? My friends, the high school ones were celebrating this new year at a cafe and I was Laying on my bed checking some news from twitter and facebook. I will 33 years old and what have I done within this 32 years? I am still the same and not many progression to be proud of to the world. I feel ashamed about this sometime.
My plans for 2011 :
1) Finish my school
2) Travel to the eastern part of Indonesia
3) Learning some foreign languages like Japan (again), French and German
4) Try to continue my study to Japan as a heart surgeon
I hope I can do this. Well there are many obstacles and hope that doesn't really stop me like I got within these 4 months.
Well many hope I could get married. And I feel I have no future of this kind of life. Say you all frankly I, as a girl/woman, don't have any special attraction to a man. So it would be a tale a man does like me. Second I will be very busy to have another school. So I am not hoping much about one guy to look after me for the rest of my life. So my six plan will be : staying strong wherever you are!

Friday, March 19, 2010


It has been 4 years and this maybe is my first posting for 2010. Tomorrow will be the duty report and I will be facing the same palpitation of my heart beat. Hey, Could i finish my training ship of becoming a real General Surgeon?I am tired to be trapped but I'll be trapped for the rest of my life lol.
Okay, here is the time when my story will begin in 2010.
I am maybe too late but WELCOME 2010!I am 31 y.o to 32 y.o . Happy-no fear as a single mature female!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness

What is happiness?
What's the meaning of happiness this time?
I am thinking about these questions within these last three months.
Yesterday, my happiness was about to be the resident of surgery. Then my happiness was about to continue the education after this has finished.
This time I don't think that my past ambitions is suit to me right now.
Yes, i have to finish my education, I have started it 4 years ago then I have to end it, Insya Allah next year.
What will be next?
Continue the education?
Yes, i will continue it if i have a chance..
Education is about the long life journey..
my next question is : is this the way of pursuit of happiness of mine?
I think about it all of my time..
Now is it so important to be a surgeon? What will you do as a surgeon? Making much money as the way of my seniors have passed it?
i don't know..
I feel not enthusiastic about my life this time
I want to go away, travel around the world, make friends from other countries, explore this earth, learn many things..so..so..wanna runaway!!
But I have to finish this education first
Is this the pursuit of my happiness?
I am not sure to be happy then but if I have finished my education, sure I have a freedom to manage my time (oh yes?), sure there is a way of my happiness in the future..
I am waiting the future and spending my present time as the way on it..the pursuit of my happiness!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Again in English

Hi guys!
Sooo loong time ago..hmm..7 months ago the last time i typed on this blog.
Anyway I want to start it again.
It's nice to write on english.
I feel free in expressing my feelings and my thoughts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pertama dalam Indonesia

Pertama dalam bahasa bahasa Indonesia.
Saat sebelumnya saya tak pernah menulisi blog saya dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Mungkin ini adalah waktu untuk memulainya. Setelah dua tahun saya memiliki blog dan melihat semua teman menulisi blog masing-masing dalam bahasa Indonesia, membuat saya ingin membuatnya juga dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Bagaimana memulainya ya?
Begini saja, tentang kedatangan saya di Lubuk basung, tempat di mana saya ditempatkan untuk bertugas. Lubuk basung, begitu kecil tapi menarik. Ketika saya menyinggahi RSUD Lubuk Basung untuk pertama kalinya,saya melihat rumah sakit yang kecil tapi bersih. Kemudian saya melakukan pertukaran dengan senior saya yang sebelumnya bertugas di sini. Saya ditunjuki kamar tempat saya akan tinggal untuk 2 bulan ke depan dan diberitahu mengenai segala hal yang berkaitan dengan kegiatan saya di sini.
Hari pertama, saya langsung melakukan operasi appendectomy. Seorang anak 11 tahun. Kemudian saya pun merawat 1 orang pasien. Karena ini adalah pertama kali saya bertindak sebagai seorang "ahli bedah", berbagai macam rasa bercampur aduk dalam diri. Salah satunya adalah : beginikah kehidupan saya ketika saya tamat nanti. Benar-benar sendirian...Ya saya sendiri. Aneh..tapi inilah fakta yang suatu saat harus saya hadapi. Saat ini saya berlatih untuk menyongsong hal seperti itu. Untuk hal inilah saya dikirim atas nama pendidikan profesi bedah.
Oke teman..
Untuk 2 bulan ini saya akan bercerita tentang hal-hal yang saya jumpai di sini.
Tapi akan selalu ada bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia....bergantian..

The City Name is : "Lubuk Basung"

Here I come again...
My second out side duty during my education.
This time I am really standing alone without any companionship or guiding.
the city name is " Lubuk Basung"
Lubuk Basung is the capital city of Agam Regency of West Sumatra.
I came from Padang by 2 hours driving.
Stay in a comfortable room..
Here I come again!
Waiting for the story...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday, there was a shocking news brought by a nurse inside a lift went to the third floor, the operating theatre.
Fina, the Emergency Operating theatre nurse was suddenly died a night before.
All of sudden.
Sure this news got me thought about what happen to us, the surgery resident of Dr. M. Djamil Hospital.
Some of us were fallen sick, many kinds of disease, the varicella, the dengue fever, or hepatitis viral or just getting too tired of working.
I told this to the chief of Urologic division and he said were there any patients in the ward got fever?
I answered, I have no idea of it. I guess no.
There are some patients got fever but of course the etiologies were identified.
This is giving me a question, that many of us get sick and the people who suffer are around the emergency room.
Still, I observe on this, but the cause has to be found.
Because we don't have time to be sick...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy eid

Hi People in the world!
Moslems especially..
Jini Suraya would like to say..
taqaballahu minna wa minkum
--genie surgeon--